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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we they're only hurting us. i'm going to lose half a day, or a day's worth of work. >> a last-minute plea to stop a west coast port shutdown. the march happening right now. crews rushed to clean up a toxic spill on the cal campus. the concerns that it could harm the bay. you want to grab the umbrella as you're heading out this morning. showers in the forecast. i will tell you how long they're going to last coming up. >> wet roadways, including this live look, and near the dublin interchange, westbound 580, plus tell you why there could be bart delays later on this morning. all coming up. and good morning, everyone. it is monday. time to get up and tackle your
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workweek. december 12. i'm frank mallicoat. >> it is tough on a monday. >> i'm grace lee. it is 5:00 a.m. we begin with shutting down the ports. the goal of occupy protesters on the west coast today. >> it is a big day. gil diaz is in oakland where protesters plan to march to the port in just about a half hour. he joins us with more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, the protesters were told to organize right behind me at the west oakland bart station. as you can see behind me, a lot of them have shown up. they will be here, despite the drizzly weather, they say they hope to get a huge turnout and of course today's marches are inspired from last month's event. the first rally to the port of oakland. as you see right there. and more than 7,000 people showed up to that first rally. shutting down and crippling the operations of the port temporarily. now, today, there are three marches planned. one at 5:30 this morning. another one at 3:00 this afternoon. and then 5:00 tonight.
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now, one big difference between these marches and the first one last month, there is little support this time from the port union and city officials. in fact, one port of oakland nate administrator says it doesn't make sense to make v-it here because this is where the 99% work. and some of the truckers have to get their load tons the cargo ships this morning, they think it is a bad idea. it could cripple the port today. >> they're not hurting these guys. everything ha is going on the ships are there now. they're only hurting us. i'm going to lose a half a day or a day's worth of work. >> i'm thinking they're better off finding a candidate of their own and getting involved in politics than trying to take work away from good honest people. >> mayor jean quan has written an open letter to protesters and in one section, she wrote, today you hope to shut down the port of oakland. the rest of the 99% of oakland wonders why. and just to let you know, frank
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and grace. it is not just local bay area residents who are here this morning in that planned march to the port. we talked to several protesters. and some coming from southern oregon. and one coming from humbolt county. so it is definitely causing a ripple. not just fear. but in northern california here as well. >> how many people are there right now, gil? are they supposed to kick off in a half hour? is it getting bigger am. >> it is getting bigger minute by minute. the bart trains have begun operation and more people are stopping by here after all. it turns out there is probably, as i look around, probably at least 50 this morning. and like you said, frank, will is still another half hour to go. >> a far cry from what the 7,000 that were there last month, to be sure. >> yes, for sure. >> thanks, gil. 5:03. the last of the occupy protest camps in san francisco have been closed. police in riot gear closed the last encampment in front of the federal reserve building early yesterday. there were 55 arrests for
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illegal staying. and no injuries reported. a large research and classroom building at uc berkeley is closed at this hour because of a diesel spill that happened over the weekend. the spill happened saturday at stanley hall. crews have been working to get the toxic mess cleaned up for today, just in time for the first day of final exams at berkeley. about 1700 gallons overflowed from a storage tank saturday and the fuel was being transferred to a different tank. the fuel is used to power an emergency generator for the building. it leaked into a storm drain. and then surfaced into some creeks. on campus. sending out some noxious fumes. >> it is not like a bunch of kerosene lanterns, but it smelled like a bunch of kerosene lan teres poured out. a lot of kerosene fumes or gasoline fumes, pungent and gives you a headache. >> state and local agencies are monitoring the spill because some of it could travel from the creek into the bay. the coast guard has set up absorbent booms to block the
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diesel. if it does begin to seep into that marine environment. safety changes on christmas in the chart after frightening ferris wheel mishap. an eight-foot strip of lights on one of the wheel's arms fell yesterday and hit the canopy of the carriage below. the impact broke off a 10-inch piece of fiberglass. the accident being blamed on a loose rivet two. people on the ride at the time were not hurt. the ferris wheel is closed until the other lights are reinforced. the future of u.s. and iraq relations taking center stage at the white house today. president obama and iraq prime minister noury al-maliki will meet this morning before holding a joint news conference in just a few hours. the with withdrawal of the american troops from iraq by december 31 will mark the end of a war that has lasted almost nine years. and the president also trying to turn u.s. economic problems in his favor. he is hoping to convince voters that he is the best choice to turn things around. in an interview that aired on
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cbs's "60 minutes," the president said republicans have not come up with realistic solutions. >> do they think that cutting taxes further, including on the wealthy, cutting taxes on corporations, gutting regulations, do we think that that is going to be somehow more successful? >> the president said his administration saved the u.s. auto industry and prevented a great depression. but he admitted that it will likely take more than one term, or even more than one presidency to get the economy fully back on track. meanwhile, the republican presidential candidates will not get much time off for the holiday, but the iowa caucuses just three weeks away now. front runners mitt romney newt gingrich will campaign in the granite start, new hampshire. and site of the first primary. polls show romney still holds a strong lead but not by the wide margin he has enjoyed in the
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past and getting flack about suggesting a weekend debate after rick perry accused him of supporting part of president obama's health care plan. watch. >> rick, i will tell you what. 10,000 bucks. $10,000 bet. >> well, critics say romney's flip comment about so much money shows how out of touch he is with the american people. and the 13 g.o.p. debate is scheduled for thursday in sioux city iowa. >> new hampshire is kind of a fun place to hang out during the primaries. >> i'm sure it is. all kinds of crazy things happening. >> wall to wall commercials and the candidates believe it or not, some of them come knocking on your door begging for your vote. it is crazy up there. >> and let's check in with kristy siefkin. kind of rainy. a little bit on the damp side. i didn't expect all of this rain. >> and nice and dry in here. >> good point. >> stay inside. and stay dry. because we're seeing scattered showers out there this morning. if you have to head out, definitely grab the rain coat
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or the umbrella because we will continue to see scattered showers. and the light showers throughout most of the bay and then we see more moderate cells as well, to the east of saratoga and more moderate cells as well as to the south as we make our way farther to the north and wet weather inside the bay and stretching into the valleys and the north bay as well. and wet weather in petaluma and santa rosa, moderate showers, and a little bit earlier. and the temperatures today, on the cool side, only going to be sitting in the 50s and this morning, going to get through the 40s, very cool weather in store and i will tell you how long the wet weather will last later in the show. let's go to elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> thanks, and take you out live to the nimitz, 880 through oakland. toward the coliseum, still slick out there. you will find some scattered rain showers as christie just said. not causing any major problems on the roadway. and all eyes are on oakland this morning. and we want to let you know there are still possible delay, especially at the westfield
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bart station, and as you probably heard, occupy protesters apparently headed that way right now. they're supposed to be gathering around the west oakland bart station around 5:30 and we understand a couple dozen are already there right now. no bart delays but a heads up. it is potentially possible. ace train number one so far, just fine. muni and cal train and ferries on schedule like clock work. >> thank you, elizabeth. 5:09. painful cuts could be on the way. the major decision for the govern ther week, and how it could affect our schools. and an apology from a home improvement chain. why a california senator is now calling for a boycott. and peek at michael jackson's final days. how you can get personal artifacts from the king of pop. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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whether justices will take a key immigration case. it involves an arizona law t a key immigration case. an arizona law requires police to question a person's immigration status. that is if the officer suspects the person is here illegally. now, the obama administration has blocked it saying regulation of immigration is a federal matter. but lawyers for arizona say the state has the right to address the issue. lowe's faces a boycott threat from a california senator. after pulling ads from a reality show about muslim americans. lowe's announced it was pulling its ads from all american muslim, after receiving complaints from the florida family association. southern california senator ted lu made the boycott threat calling the boycott threat, quote, unamerican. >> we were founded on a nation of religious freedom, religious
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diversity, and for lowe's to single out this show, and say we are pulling our advertising, the show happens to be about americans who are of the islamic faith, to me is very bigoted. >> lowe's has issued an apology for having quote managed to make some people very unhappy. they have not announced whether they will reinstate the ads. if they don't, senator liu says he will make good on his promise to boycott. governor brown will likely announce more budget cuts and the long awaited results of the finance team's forecast of the last six months of the fiscal year will be announced. the key question will be if state revenues have been enough to avert painful cut force k-12 schools and the governor and the legislature have already made $15 billion in spending reductions this year. and they continue. 5:13 now. a game changer in the penn state abuse investigation. >> the flaw in the testimony from a key witness. and now, an altercation. and this is --
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>> a whole lot of damage control on this monday after an all-out brawl on the college hoop court. the punishment facing a number of players coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on this drizzly monday. let's get a check of the top stories for the day. occupy protesters are gathering at bart in oakland right now, and here is a live look from chopper 5. you can see how large the crowd is getting. and maybe about 50 to 75 people. and just about 15 minutes, they will be marching to the port of oakland. the goal today, shutting down several ports, all along the west coast. and a large classroom hall at uc berkeley is still closed. because of a diesel spill. right now, crews are still mopping up. some of the 1700 gallons ended in up in a creek on campus. crews are trying to prevent it from reaching the bay. and crews are working to clean up an oil spill in san francisco boy. this morning, oil is leaking from an old navy tugboat that is sinking at richmond's inner harbor. a check of the weather with kristy siefkin. >> good morning. happy monday to you. bay area, we're seeing wet weather stepping outside this morning. we can see some of the scattered showers looking at high def doppler. the green on the screen indicating light showers.
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not a down pour by any means but moderate cells and we're seeing a mix of rain and maybe a dusting of snow at the higher elevations. just to the east of san jose. but the majority of the bay area, just a little bit of rain showers this morning and temperatures sitting in the 40s for the most part. this afternoon, warming up into the 50s and we will continue to see cloud cover in the forecast and maybe even see a little bit more rain in the afternoon hours. but the but can of that wet weather is this -- bulk of that wet weather is this way. and most of the moisture will hit to the south of us. the bay area getting a little dose of rain but not as much as the areas to the south of the bay area and we will get it later on today. future cast, all of the cloud cover across the board as well as the light showers stretching from the coastline to concord and fairfield and north "bay sunday" as well. we start to clear out and you can see as we make our way into the afternoon and less cloud cover and rain not showing up on the future cast but the chance of showers in the forecast, into the afternoon and then drying out by this evening am and now highs for today will be in the 50s for
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the most part. not a lot of variation. 57 for mountain view. and oakland topping out at 56. and pacifica at 54. and santa rosa making it to 56 today. and we will continue with this type of weather at least temperature-wise for tuesday and a few degrees of warming in the inland spots and sunshine in store as we dry out on your tuesday. and similar conditions for wednesday. and then we have another chance of showers, coming back into the picture, and for your thursday, and good news is though we are drying out in time for your weekend and we will bump the temperatures up a few degrees so a pretty mild weekend in store. and let's go over to elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> thanks. we've seen a couple of different fender-benders on the on and off ramps and again we've been seeing it since we got on the air at 4:30. take it extra slow. it is usually the ramps with the accidents and the cars going too fast for conditions. and everything so far looks great. no problems across the bridge. in fact all of the bridges are still problem free this morning. obviously no metering lights. no delays. there is a lot of green out there on the sensors.
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so far off to a pretty good start on this monday morning. a live look coming down the east shore expressway. a lot of the overnight road work never happened because of the rainy spots. wet pavement out there. so it is a little slick all over the bay area. here is a live look. through millipitas. westbound 237. silicon valley compute commuters. no delay out of millipitas, headed off of 880 to san jose. a shot of the golden gate bridge, traffic from marin, a 12-minute drive between 580 and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. this is one of the accidents i mentioned on the on-ramp, westbound highway 4, right there around love ridge where that accident happened. and again, not blocking any main lines of the freeway. same thing coming out of the altamont pass. so far, it looks great. actually your drive time is not impacted. 15 minutes from the altamont pass, and out towards the dublin interchange and mass transit is all on time. of course we are watching bart. and there's about 50 to 75 occupy protesters right now
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gathering at the west oakland bart station and they're marching out toward the port of oakland. so they're saying a possible delay with bart. but for right now, everything is on time. and as well for ace, muni, cal train and ferries. that's traffic. back to you. >> thanks, elizabeth. it is 5:21 now. some accusers are set to testify tomorrow at a preliminary hearing, for jerry sandusky. the former assistant football coach for penn state university, of course charged with sexually assaulting 10 boys. the local newspaper reports some conflicting stories from this man, assistant coach mike mccreery who claimed he witnessed jerry sandusky assault a boy in a shower stall in 2002. a family friend telling the harrisburg patriot news mccreery told them back then he didn't see the assault and saw the boy peer out of the store and jerry sandusky leave the stall shortly afterward. you got to see this. a heated cross town rivalry that turns violent on the basketball court. >> it got a little ugly. it happened during the weekend
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game between cincinnati and xavier. watch. the game. but the fists >> that's how it all started. but there was a lot of trash talking throughout the game. very chippy. but the fists started flying with just nine seconds to go. the refs actually called the game. and ha was a blowout by xavier. they didn't want to put the guys back on the count. and eight players from two teams suspended, some of them for multiple gamings and the ncaa i'm sure will take a quick peek at that, too. but the coaches were ticked off. >> they were very upset about the players he actions. >> you don't do that in any sport, but college especially. it is pretty crazy. let's see what happens, 5:22. priceless memorabilia for michael jackson fan, items giving a glimpse into his final days. move over black friday. cyber monday. why today is also one of the biggest shopping days of the year. coming up. ,,,,,[ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank
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previous years. several online retailers are preparing for green monday. with online discounts as well as cyber deals. this could be a good day to check it out. yes, indeed. michael jackson fans, they could have a chance to see the art and furniture at his beverly hills home. part of the exhibition that is previewing in an auction coming up on saturday and collectors will bid on 500 items that surrounded the pop star during the final months of his life, a bedroom mirror where the singer left a message with concert rehearsals and a chalkboard with a message for him and the kids, i love daddy's smile and an antique buff as well. lots of stuff on the block. michael jackson's daughter is making a silver screen debut, paris hilton has a role in the film london bridges and joins a cast that includes larry king, and his wife shawn, and joey fatone. and plays the heroin in a young
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adult fantasy series that includes sea creatures and an evil jelly fish queen. that's got me wondering. no word on a release date. but if larry king is in it, it's got to be great. >> a beautiful little girl. i can see her going far. >> the kids have grown up a lot in the last year. and 5:27. some scary moments at a san jose christmas in the park. >> we will tell you what fell off a popular ride, as well as the changes now coming after the ferris wheel mishap. a gunman opened fire on the streets of hollywood. what may have sparked this random attack on innocent bystanders. the first of three planned marchs in the port of oakland, it is about to begin. we have team coverage of their latest attack. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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protesters say they'll try o shutdown west coast ports this morning. a large gathering. anti-wall street protesters say they will try to shut down west coast ports this morning this is a live view outside the oakland port this morning. a number of people are gathering there. set to march any moment now. and they may get a little wet as they're waiting out there. we're seeing showers across the bay area. i will tell you how long you need to keep the umbrella up, coming up. we are watching possible bart delays because of the occupy protesters, as well as the roadways, where it is still slick in spots. all of the traffic highlights coming up. good morning, everyone. it is monday, december 12.
5:31 am
good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 5:31. as you just saw dozens of people are ready to march the port of oakland. we have team coverage. unter hudson is live at the port of oakland and we begin with gil diaz at the bart station where occupy oakland is ready to begin their march at any moment. take it away, gil. you're first. >> reporter: it is about to begin any time at 5:30 perhapser, 5:30 perhaps, that's what the tweets were telling occupy protesters. and. [ station audio trouble ] >> technical issues with gil diaz. but the crowd has really grown in west oakland in the last half hour. getting ready to march. and supposed to march right now. >> the march is planned to end up at the port of oakland and i believe unter hudson is standing by right now.
5:32 am
with more. on that as well. go ahead, unter. >> reporter: all right, frank, grace, good morning. we're at the terminal here at the oakland port. and one of the main reasons we're having this west coast blockade to begin with. live pictures. pretty calm out here. you can see the trucks are lined up. business as normal. business as usual so far. the trucks bringing in the cargo as it will get ready for this busy monday morning. now, ssa terminal is being targeted in part because they are partially owned by goldman sachs which is one. the big invest banks that we have seen billions in bailout money from the u.s. government and the protesters are trying to highlight poor working conditions at the term nal, the port of l.a. and they say truck drivers were fired for being unionized. and these companies are not paying certain taxes by using nonunionized workers and not having to pay things like worker's compensation. there is controversy, because a lot of the big unions are not
5:33 am
backing the protest this time around. you remember on november 2, about 7,000 people shut down the port of oakland and that caused over $8 million in revenue to some of the big companies and took days to clear up the cargo backup that was created. and some of the union workers say that they will not cross the picket line, they will join in this march, and we don't know if it will be as big as what we saw november 2 but they're saying it is important that a lot of these american companies recognize that american workers are going to stand up for these situations and bring about change. and that's one of the reasons they are planning the protest. we're about a mile and a half away and expecting the crowd to come down this way and we will keep you posted. so far, business as usual. but we're waiting for that march to begin and how things change from there. frank and grace, back to you. >> thank you, live at the finish line. let's go to the start where gil daze is standing by. >> reporter: are we seeing any activity. have they started to march yet?
5:34 am
not just yet. it seems like they're congregating behind me and about to leave from the west oakland bart station up to 7th street. you can see it is very busy here. we have a lot of people. hundreds of them. picket signs. and solidarity. with truck longshoremen. and one sign says. another person was holding a sign that says students against high college tuition. so a lot of activity happening here. the last half hour, i was telling you maybe 50 people were here. but it has quadrupled since the past half hour and of course, this is not the only planned march this morning. a there are actually three total to the port. the one at 5:30 and then another one at 3:00 this afternoon. and then the last one at 5:00 this evening. but of course, this massive rally has been in the works since last month. after the successful first rally on november 2. that march, attracted more than 7,000 protesters. we're not sure if it is going to attract that many people today, but the first rally did
5:35 am
shut down the port temporarily. but today's march, not receiving the same support from port unions, and city officials. now the occupiers say the shutdown is to show support for the long shore union. because the long shore union is in a labor dispute back in washington state. but the union's president says the union has not voted to support the shutdown. truckers we talked to who have to get their loads on the cargo ships this morning, they think it is a bad idea, also, because they are going to be losing a day's wage. >> you don't want to happen it, either, they're taking away from money, from everybody, what they don't realize is the more they occupy, the less money everybody makes because imports and exports are so important to this country and our business depends on it. >> mayor jean quan has written an opened letter to the protesters and here is what she wrote. the port of oakland is not the home of the 1%.
5:36 am
but rather generates over 73,000 expwrobs in the region and connected -- jobs in the region and connected to more than 800,000 jobs across the country. a live look at the west oakland bart station. where it looks like some of the organizers with a bull horn are about to give instructions. to the protesters. i think they're about ready to start that march to the port of oakland. like i said. hundreds of people here, will see just how successful this is. and also, it is not just the bay area residents. we talked to people from oregon, and also from humbolt county and shasta county as well. back to you. >> tell us a little bit about the atmosphere there. you know, a lot of times, before, it has been very tense. but this time around, they almost seem excited about marching to the port. >> reporter: you know, you're right, grace. they seem to be excited. because this is really the true testament of the occupy movement. it is not happening just here but throughout the west coast, like vancouver, seattle, tacoma, portland, san diego. so i think they're excited about the fact that there could
5:37 am
be a massive turn-around not just for oklahoma but the entire west coast. >> and a heavy police presence right now? >> well, i talked to one. the police officers who happened to be here around 4:00 this morning, and he said that there is no plan right now to have a beefed up security. so maybe things have changed since the last time i talked to him. but i haven't seen many law enforcement officers here. i think they're keeping a low profile and laying the protest -- letting their protesters have their way this morning. >> it seems pretty peaceful so far. gil diaz, live in oakland, thanks, gil. >> obviously this has a huge impact as well on the roads. let's check in with elizabeth. >> it could potentially in the future. right now no road closures, and no bart delays but taking a live look at that scene from the bart station here. and a lot of people gathered outside the station right now. we can let you know that 37 bart trains are all running on time. but as you can see there, hundreds of people, they are milling about and it looks like they are starting to march
5:38 am
to the port of oakland. we did a search on google maps. a 1 1/2 mile mark from the west oakland bart station to the port. which is near 7th and maritime. so again, you're just kind of watching this live with us. we will let you know how it plays out and let you know if there are bart delays in the future or if there are street closures as they make their march toward the port. right now, there are no closures. and bart remains on time. as well as ace, muni, cal train and ferries. much more traffic coming up. in the meantime, back to you. >> ash 38. uc berkeley is dealing with a diesel spill emergency that is wreaking havoc at the worst time. because it is finals week. cleanup crews are on the scene right now mopping up the toxic mess at stanley hall. that's the building that is supposed to house final exams in less than three hours from now. about 1700 gallons overflow from a storage tank on saturday. this is a fuel that is being transferred to a different tank. it is being used to power an emergency generator that leaked into storm drains and a creek
5:39 am
in campus, sending out noxious fumes. >> it smelled like a bunch of kerosene lanterns that were poured out, a lot of kerosene fumes or gasoline fumes. and it is really pungent and gives you a headache. >> the state and local agencies are monitoring the spill. because some of it could travel from the creek into san francisco bay. the coast guard has set up absorbent booms to block the diesel. if it does begin to seep into the marine environment. 5:39 now. and as soon as the sun comes up, the coast guard is expected to take another flight over another oil spill. this one in the bay. the oil is coming from a decommisioned navy tugboat. in richmond's inner harbor. the 205-foot tug tiger was found to be sinking yesterday. salvage company is trying to skim that oil off the water. and a boom is in place to protect the brooks island preserve, just south of that harbor. and if you're just waking up, a little bit of a wet start to our monday. >> pull the covers back over. stay in bed. it is kind of yucky outside right now. >> you guys are convincing me.
5:40 am
as we talk about this. >> go back to bed. >> where is the cot in the studio? that's what we need to snuggle under the covers. it is cold out there and we're see the wet weather. as we take a look at high def top ler, we're seeing scattered showers across the bay this morning, and in fact we're seeing some areas that are seeing a little bit of moderate rainfall, down here in san jose, one place just a little bit to the south and to the west, over saratoga, and we're seeing some light showers and then also sunnyvale area, more moderate showers, as we make our way to the north inside the bay and showers there earlier and looking a little bit clearer right now and wet weather in the inland, brentwood, and seeing more of the showers up into the north. so everyone needs to grab the umbrella as they're headed out. a full look at the extended forecast coming up. back to you. >> 5:40 now. some safety changes are coming to san jose's christmas in the park, this after a frightening ferris wheel mishap. an eight-foot strip of lights on one of the wheel arms fell yesterday and hit the canopy of a carriage below. that impact broke off a 10-inch
5:41 am
piece of fiberglass. the accident is blamed on a loose rivet. two people were on the ride at the time but they were not injured. the ferris wheel has been closed until the other lights have been reinforced. >> oh, my god. are you all right? >> a possible motive has emerged for a shooting rampage. this was in hollywood. on friday. a woman told a local television station that she had recently broken up with the gunman, 26- year-old tyler brem, after dating limb for four years. she says he was under a lot of stress lately. and had started taking pharmaceutical drugs. a man who was shot three times on friday is still in critical condition this morning. brem was shot and killed by a police officer. time now is 5:41. a top hardware store facing threats of a boycott. why it is pulling ads from a reality show. and he was the size of a cell phone. see how the world's smallest surviving baby is doing now. >> look at that. so cute. ,,,,
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v.o: only international delight v.o: put's the real flavours from v.o: your favourite treats inside port of oakland this mornin. let's go live, chopper 5, a march is started by occupy protesters, marching a mile and a half to the port of oakland and joining hundreds up and down the west coast today. all of the major ports on the west coast are targets of them. and in the meantime, oakland mayor jean quan has tried to convince them not to march, but as you can see, it is happening right now. and they're probably getting a little wet i bet, right? >> scattered showers throughout the bay. areas with moderate downfall as well. definitely grab the umbrella. whether you're marching out today or marching out to work. we're seeing all of that wet weather showing up on high def
5:45 am
doppler here. and it is a cool start to the morning. temperatures in the 40s. certainly cloudy conditions as you're making your way out the door this afternoon. warming up into the 50s and we will keep that chance of showers in the forecast. into the afternoon. and the bulk of the wet weather is at the bay area, it is going to be this morning and grabbing that umbrella as you head out the door, the reason for that is the low that is sliding down, most of the moisture we're going to see is going to be to the south of us. and actually monterey county and down into parts of southern california, as well. but that doesn't mean that you won't need to have the rain coat here in the bay. we're seeing some showers, this morning, on future cast, as well as all that cloud cover that is stretching far inland but you will see that we start to clear out as we make our way into the afternoon. and in terms of that cloud cover. and in terms of that wet weather. we're clear for the most part by the evening. we should be dry by tonight. and certainly dry for tomorrow. and highs around the bay area today, will be looking like this. 57 for redwood city and for mountain view. and san rafael topping out to 55. and concord at 55. and livermore making it to 54.
5:46 am
and fairfield warming up a few degrees warmer today. and dry weather in store for your tuesday. and same story for wednesday. and then another chance of rain back into the forecast for thursday. good news is, as we make our way into the weekend, dry weather in store and you will also notice we're bumping the temperatures up by a few degrees. so during the cooler conditions we will take any. the warming that we can get. we will go to elizabeth for a look at traffic. >> and let's go out to chopper 5. we are following closely oakland this morning and so those occupy protesters, they now have pretty much left the west oakland bart station and i saw them gathered there, and they started around 5:30 this morning. and now they are headed toward the port of oakland. and so the port is near 7th and maritime. it is about a mile and a half or so, from the west oakland bart station, so it sounds like we will likely have some rolling street closures, in that area, as they make their way closer towards the port. and bart has not been impacted at all. you can still use the west oakland bart station and that
5:47 am
crowd, again, they are leaving the station right now and heading toward the port and some activity there but at least 37 bart trains, are all running on time. and elsewhere, let's hit the roads and show you what is going on at the bay bridge and first a stall, reported right before the pay gates and it looks like not sure if it is clear but we cannot see it in the camera. and not causing any major delays. you can see pretty early and no metering lights. and fast track users using the middle lanes getting by okay and coming off the bridge on the upper deck, southbound 101, right there near interstate 80. so apparently one lane is blocked, but that accident, we're not seeing any slowing on the sensors and we will continue to follow it though and let you mow it sounds like emergency vehicles are headed to the scene. elsewhere 880 through oklahoma, near the oracle, the coliseum, and so far looks good. in either direction. but as we mentioned it is still slick out there and take it a little extra slow. that is traffic. back to you. >> thanks, elizabeth. 5:47. let's get to bay area
5:48 am
headlines. san francisco chronicle, the topic of a hearing, in a response to the recent rise of a number of homeless families. the role of alcatraz america's cup race is up for discussion and san francisco planners will consider an environmental impact report on the race. >> live wires. don't move. >> and in richmond, a woman almost stopped on a live power line after the car she was in crashed during a high speed police chase. the car struck the power pole. left thousands of people without electricity over the weekend. it is not clear what charges the woman could face. the driver and three others got away. no word yet on what may have sparked that chase. but close call there. >> tough situation. manuel noriega is now in a panama prison. the former dictator is back in the country for the first time since he was ousted from power.
5:49 am
22 years ago. noriega faces three 20-year prison terms for the murders of political opponents during his rule. his attorneys plan to request house arrest. citing noriega's age, as well as his partial paralysis from a stroke. and this week, governor brown is expected to come out with the additional budget cuts that he wants. he will announce the long awaited results of the finance team's forecast for the last six months of the fiscal year. the key question is whether state revenues have improved enough to avert painful cuts for public schools. the governor and the legislature have already made more than $50 billion in spending cuts this year alone. home improvement store lowe's facing a boycott threat from a california senator after pulling ads from a reality show about muslim americans. lowe's announced it was pulling its ads from all american muslim after receiving some complaints from the florida family association. southern california senator ted lu made the boycott threat calling the decision
5:50 am
unamerican. >> we were founded on a nation of religious freedom. and religious diversity. and for lowe's to single out this show, and say we are pulling our advertising, because the show happens to be about americans who are of the islamic faith, to me, is very bigoted. >> lowe's issued an apology. but it has not announced whether it will reinstate the ads. well, you might remember she was the world's smallest baby. the size of a cell phone. how the girl is doing now at seven years old. the raiders lose big. against the undefeated packers. where it puts them in the playoff hunt, and much more, when we come back. [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake.
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5:53 am
of occupy protesters this it is happening right now. occupy protesters are making their way from west oakland to the port of oakland. part of a movement that is happening up and down the west coast today. you can see police arriving on the scene making sure that the protesters stay on their scheduled route. so far, it has been peaceful. we will be checking in throughout the morning. >> we will indeed. well, one of the world's smallest babies is said to be doing just fine. but she is no longer a baby. the baby is 7 years old now. take a look at what she looked like when she was born, 10
5:54 am
inches long, 9.2 ounces. and now attending elementary school. and is reportedly healthy and normal. still small for her age but that's okay. her current status part of a new study in the journal pediatrics. >> very cute. well, stanford football fans are now focused on the fiesta bowl after learning that their corn quarterback andrew luck did not win the heisman robert griffin iii won the coveted prize instead. luck was the runner-up for the second straight year. griffin spoke on the the cbs "the early show" and discussed his passion for fashion. >> you are the superman socks that you wore on heisman night and yesterday was elmo socks and today, santa. >> joelie old saint nick. >> my dad would not wear these socks, you would not catch him wearing a pair of sock like these but something i started in high school and continue to do. >> obviously it is working for him. so keep it up. you can see the whole segment
5:55 am
around 7:45 this morning. right here on cbs 5. it looks like a fun little segment for them. >> actually, he is very well spoken. he pulled up his pant leg when he wanted super man on one side and super man on the other. >> i want to see the elmo socks myself. on to the nfl. >> a tough weekend for the bay area fans. the raiders ers had no chance to become the first team to defeat green bay this season. the packers rolled them out of town. ran all over them. and beat them 46-16. the loss put the raiders in second place. and tim tebow who won again with the streaking denver broncos. 49ers did not have much luck in arizona. the cardinals had the go-ahead touchdown early in the fourth quarter. niners just didn't have an answer. and losing 21-19. they are now tied with new orleans for the second seed in the nfc. although they will have a tie break wer a first round bye with one home game in the playoffs. so they got three to play. and they're going to need to keep winning. yesterday was ugly. all the way around.
5:56 am
all right. let's get a check of our weather. what is going on? >> wet weather. scattered showers. and elizabeth has been talking about this throughout the morning as well. seeing scattered showers throughout the bay. in fact some more moderate cells up in parts of the bay area and down into the san jose area. and we will start to see the showers taper off into the afternoon. and then dry weather in store for your tuesday and wednesday. and then another chance of rain for your thursday, good news is, though, the weekend is looking good. because i know on monday, it is the only way to get through the week, is to already start to look the at weekend. >> how is traffic? >> we will go up to chopper 5. because we're continuing to follow this occupy protest. as you can see, this is a developing story. they've marched from the west oakland bart station and toward the port of oakland and looking at the streets blocked off at seventh. they just passed 80. for a while we have seen some police cars and temporarily blocking the seventh street off- ramp to northbound 800. a rolling close. we are not sure about the --
5:57 am
the crowd gathered there now. we will go back out to our report ner a little bit. it has not impacted bart for right now. and they are leaving the oakland station and headed to the port. we are looking at a street closure. 7th street right now. >> they got organized quickly, too. >> about an hour of them. there were about 50 to start and now marching away. >> 5:57. thanks, guys. in the next half hour, more on the march to shut down the port of oakland. we'll be right back. i'm unter hudson live at the port of oakland where we're awaiting the line of protesters who are heading down here toward the terminal. the latest coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
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